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Click the 'Add to Chrome' button to go to the Chrome store. Once on the Chrome store, click the 'Add to Chrome' button once again to install the FREE Browser Theme Chrome browser extension


Access Features

Once you have added Search Browser Theme to your Chrome browser, you can access its features under the puzzle piece in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. You will be able to set the site you are on to a dark theme which is easier on your eyes. This extension will set your Chrome default search to Browser Theme powered by Yahoo.


Perform Searches

Once your default search engine is set, all future searches performed in the Omni bar will now go through that search engine.

Add to Chrome


1) Is the Browser Theme extension free?

Yes, the extension is 100% free and will always remain free.

2) Why should I install Browser Theme?

Browser Theme is a free Chrome browser extension that enables you to change and set your browser to a dark theme. Darker looking websites are easier on your eyes. However, not all websites give you the option to change the look to a darker shade. Browser Theme gives you the option to change a site to look darker with the touch of a button.

3) What is the Omni bar?

The Omni bar is also known as the address bar. That is where the URL of the website that you are on is displayed. From there, you can also perform searches. Those searches will be set to go to Browser Theme powered by Yahoo.

4) Will you be creating more tools to help improve my search experience?

We are always innovating and trying to make the user search and browsing experience better. Check back to our site from time to time to see if we have a new product out!

5) How do I uninstall Browser Theme?

You can uninstall Browser Theme anytime by going to the puzzle piece in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Once you have clicked on that, you will see a list of all the extensions you have. Once you locate the Browser Theme extension, you can right click on it and click Remove. It's that simple!

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